Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

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I’ve always dreamed of traveling the world, but it wasn’t until Rocky and I began our friendship that I imagined doing so on a motorcycle. We knew each other when we were children, but we met again and began to really get to know each other at the beginning of 2010. We instantly became best of friends and I immediately knew we were meant to share something special. Being 30 years old and a home owner, ‘something special’ would usually imply starting a family, but when he told me he had purchased a motorcycle and, for the past few years, had been planning a trip around the world, I thought, “wow, what could possibly be better than that experience?” It was at that moment I realized…

I grew up fascinated by the stories and old Polaroids of my grandparents travels all over the world. At a young age, I was bitten by the travel bug and the desire to visit far-away places and to be exposed to different cultures. After college, I travelled to Taiwan to teach English as a second language in order to make money to pay for university. While living in Taipei, I purchased a motor scooter and fell in love with the freedom of travelling on two wheels.



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